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  • Amla Murabba (450G) 250.00

    Amla is rich in several minerals, including chromium, zinc and copper. Ayurvedic medicine considers these minerals essential for the body to function properly. Chromium, in particular, is thought to help manage cholesterol levels in the blood, and it may also lower the risk of heart disease.

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  • Apple Murabba (450G) 250.00

    Apple murabba is mainly beneficial for heart patients. It increases muscular strength of heart and revitalize heart. Apple murabba is effective cardiac refrigerant. It also acts as cardiac exhilarant. The followings are main healing properties of apple murabba.

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  • Gajar Murabba (450G) 200.00

    Gajar murabba is referred to as a carrot preserve. This murabba is prepared by adding sugar syrup and few spices including cardamom , salt, lemon juice and saffron. It is syrupy, juicy, and tender and delicious in taste.

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  • Gulkand Murabba (450G) 200.00

    Gulkand Murabba, a sweet preserve of rose petals, is an ayurvedic medicine and Indian traditional recipe. Gulkand is prepared from fresh rose petals and sugar. Gulkand can be prepared from any of rose variety or species. Almost all have similar medicinal value and uses.

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  • Harar Murabba (450G) 250.00

    Harar murabba is helpful in the management of constipation, acidity, hard stools, hemorrhoids, common cold, cough and asthmatic problems.MURABBA HARAR is a sweet preparation and is brain tonic with memory improving properties. It is good for eyes. It is good for digestive system and works as gastric tonic.

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  • Murabba Bahi (450G) 250.00

    Increases stamina gives strength of 40 Men Prevents any type of Heart Diseases Increases vigor, vitality and libido good for pregnant women gives strength to body cures Intestinal Ulcers

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