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  • Roghan Arind (Castor Oil) 60 ML 130.00

    Roghan Arind An effective harmless, natural laxative. Useful for excretion of waste material from stomach and intestine. A natural remedy for constipation, drives out the faeces amassed in the stomach and bowels without causing any trouble. Roghan Arind is also known as castor oil.

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  • Roghan Badam (Almond Oil) 60 ML 390.00

    The almond belongs to the tribe Prunae of the natural order Rosaceae. Its botanical name is Amygdalus communis. It has a systemic effect and eradicates constipation efficiently. It acts as a brain tonic and induces peaceful sleep and wards off tension. It facilitates an easy delivery when used three to four weeks in the late days of pregnancy.

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  • Roghan Kalonji (Black Seed Oil) 60 ML 390.00

    Its a pure and fresh black seed oil. Kalonji oil extracts from purest available Kalonji (Nigella, sativa). From oil extraction to packing, every step is carefully monitored and high quality is maintained till the end. As Marhaba Kalonji oil is as pure as nature it enjoys high popularity all over the Country.

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  • Roghan Naryal (Coconut Oil) 60 ML 170.00

    Coconut oil (also known as copra oil), is an edible oil that is extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut tree. Just like any fat, coconut oil too is a blend of fatty acids. Lauric and myristic acids are the two major fatty acids present in the oil (44 percent of lauric acid and 16.8 percent of myristic acid), which are responsible for most of the benefits the oil provides.

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  • Roghan Til (Sesame Oil) 60 ML 140.00

    Sesame oil is also known as gingelly oil. It is highly nourishing, healing and lubricating. Other than being used as a flavor enhancing cooking oil, it has many beauty benefits too. Sesame oil is popularly used for hair growth and to maintain scalp health. It is enriched with Vitamin E, B complex, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and protein that strengthens the hair from the roots and deeply nourishes.

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  • Roghan Zaitoon (Olive Oil) 60 ML 170.00

    Roghan zaitoon which has a shelf life of 36 month, keep in cool & dry place. virgin olive oil used in multi purpose cooking or take as raw, it helps in reduce cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, it helps in skin disease and also useful for hair and it also improve acidity.

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